11 Creative Recyclable DIY Plastic Bottle Crafts

Plastic pollution is a big problem these days. It is seen everywhere spoiling our mother earth. It is very important to reuse and recycle plastic waste. There are many creative ways to recycle old plastic bottles into beneficial and beautiful DIY plastic bottle crafts. You will be surprised to know that you can make the garden decoration, planters, pen stands, and many such things from plastic bottles.

Amazing Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens from the recycled plastic bottle are great for plastic bottle recycling. Having a vertical garden is beneficial for you and nature both. To prepare this masterpiece, you need clean plastic bottles, rope or wire, garden soil, seeds or seedlings, and scissors.

It is important to choose see-through plastic bottles to allow sunlight to flow. You can make many vertical planters and decorate your wall with these vertical planters.

For preparing this beautiful garden, you need to cut the bottle lengthwise. Then before putting soil into the containers, make small holes throughout the bottom. This will allow water to follow through quickly. Then cut holes for the strings. Only fill half the bottle with soil and pick from many seeds like basil, pepper etc. for the plants.

Pet Planters

To make pet planters, you need to have scissors, paint, brush, plastic bottles, and cardboard. Follow the simple steps:

  • First, cut the bottle in half and use the bottom to make the pot.
  • On the cardboard, cut the shape of a bunny or any other animal according to your choice.
  • Paste it on the bottle.
  • Cut the ears of the bunny with scissors and make small holes to fix the strings.
  • Paint the bottle with white paint. Color it as per your choice.
  • Tie the string and put some plants inside.
  • Hang this cute planter or keep the handmade planter on the table.

This is an amazing way of plastic bottle recycling.

Resistant Purse

The material required for the preparation of resistant purse includes two plastic bottles of the same shape and size, pair of scissors, needle, zipper, and thread. The durable purse will be ready in a few simple steps by recycling plastic bottles.

First, you need to cut the bottom portion of both the bottles and discard the top. Then, cut 1 inch above the molded line of the bottle. Trim the cut edge to clean and punch holes along the cut edges. After this, simply wrap a zipper around the bottle. Place the zipper inside the bottle, along the cut edges. After that, overlap the ends of the zipper, if the zipper is too long. Finally, take a strong thread of any color and sew the zipper to the bottle using running stitch. This way, your beautiful zipper would be ready.

Pretty Bottle Bird Feeder

Recycle plastic bottles into cute bird feeders. To make this, you need to have plastic water bottles, paint and a cutter with you. First, remove the middle part of the bottle. Cut the lower area as an opening door and make a hole on the lid for hanging a strong string. Paint and draw patterns of your choice. Join the top with the bottom part to give it the shape of the bird feeder. Hang it on your balcony. Fill this with bird seeds, some nuts and water.

Beautiful Jewelry Stand

A water bottle can be transformed into a jewelry box with few simple steps. For this, 3 kinds of bottles are required i.e. two 2 liter bottles, one 1 liter bottle, and one 20 oz Bottle.

  • Cut the bottoms of all the bottles and trim them.
  • Make holes of the same size as your thread rod in the center of each tray.
  • Now pass the thread stand from the trays and put each tray between two washers and nuts. Make it tight.
  • Use 2-liter bottle bottoms as the stand base.
  • Put it upside down and decorate with glass beads to the top of the nuts.

Useful Organizers

The material required for preparing organizers from bottles includes rubber bands, beads, plastic bottles, cutters, colored rope, stick on glue or glue gun, and metal wire. Take a plastic bottle and draw some markings on it and cut these markings to get a required shape.

Don’t cut it from the back. Take a colored rope and cover the bottle completely by sticking it on the bottle. Stick the colored rope on the bottle cap also. Now, make a hole in the upper portion and insert the rubber band into it. Next, pass the metal wire from the bead and fit it at the lower portion of the bottle. Your organizer is ready.

Pen Stand with Wooden Texture

This can be prepared with simple material like a plastic bottle, cutter, glue gun, ceramic powder, brush, acrylic color, folk, and water.

Begin with cutting the lower portion of the 2L bottle and cut two smaller bottles into different shapes. Make marks on the 2l bottle and cut from the marking. Now stick and fix the small bottle pieces on the main bottle using the glue gun. Mix ceramic powder, glue, and water to form a thick paste. Apply this on the bottle and leave it to dry. With the help of a fork, make a wood-like texture. Paint it with a different shade of brown, orange, and black.

Beautiful Intricate Flower Vase

To prepare a flower vase from the plastic water bottle, you need to have just three things with you – plastic bottle, a knife, and scissors. The first step is to cut the plastic bottle upper portion with the knife. After this, make straight and equal cuts throughout the bottle. At the end, neatly weave the edge of a strip over the next one. The flower vase is ready to fill it with water and fresh flowers. This is a beautiful and simple DIY plastic bottle craft.

DIY Curtains 

A beautiful handmade curtain is a simple idea for recycling plastic bottle. This is the best way to help the environment and decorate your home in a likable and cost-effective way. This is a creative way to give your house a new look with few materials like plastic bottles of the same size and color, curtain rod, curtain rings, needle, scissors, nylon, or metal wires. You need to follow three simple steps to prepare it.

  • First, cut the bottoms of many plastic bottles of the same size.
  • Second, with the help of a needle make holes in the edges of the plastic bottom.
  • Third, join the bottoms of the bottles with the help of metal rings.

Quick and Easy Christmas Tree  

You require 40 plastic bottles for this. First, remove the caps of each plastic water bottle. Place 8 bottles on the shelf and join them together. Repeat this process with one less bottle per row so that it looks like a pyramid. Then to make a tree trunk, join four bottles and glue them to the bottom of the pyramid. Next, add on the lights.

Gorgeous Paint Stamp 

For this, you require bottles of different shapes and sizes, cutter. To prepare this cut the bottle of different shapes and sizes from the bottom. Then, dip these bottle bottoms into different colors and press them on the paper.

Why Should You Try DIY Plastic Bottle Crafts?

Plastic is strong, bendable and food safe. Its see-through quality helps us to creatively re-use the same. Know how to recycle them into beautiful DIY crafts. Don’t throw the beverage bottles out but use them as beautiful home décor or useful storage by trying one of the above-mentioned 11 creative ways to recycle old plastic bottles into DIY crafts.

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