25 Ideas To Make A DIY Keychain At Home

Everyone loves to use cute keychains that have an adorable look and are easy to carry around. This is why DIY keychain ideas are so popular. You can make homemade keychains as souvenirs for your friends and family. All you need are some craft supplies, some DIY keychain tutorials, and a little spare time. Look at our post gallery to gain inspiration for interesting DIY keychains you can make at home.

Try Simple DIY Keychain Ideas With Tutorials

The internet is flooding with homemade keychain ideas and tutorials for you to check out. You can surf the internet and find the most suitable keychain ideas to try on your own. Most of these tutorials also provide step by step procedure to guide you with your homemade keychain project. Keychain ideas like leather tassels, braided leather, beaded keychain, and more are very popular nowadays. 

Making DIY Keychains For Backpacks

Keychains find a variety of uses with backpack zippers. DIY keychain carabiners and leather keychains are very trendy. If you like to have keychains on your backpacks as well you can make some homemade DIY keychains for backpacks. You can also make color-blocked leather keychains for the zippers on your handbags and purses. DIY keychain tutorials can also tell you about an array of uses of keychains.

Choose Different Colors For DIY Keychains

When it comes to easy DIY keychain ideas colors can be an important decision to make. If you are like those people who love metallic colors, then choosing silver or gold colors for making feathered DIY keychain is a great idea. In the case of DIY keychains for backpacks, you can choose colors that complement the color of your backpack.

In our post gallery, you can find some versatile and easy DIY keychain ideas. You can use a DIY keychain as presents for friends or use them to keep your keys safe and handy.

Bangle Keychain Bracelet – Get Tutorial at Somethingturquoise

Bangle Keychain Bracelet

Bottle Cap Keychain – Get Tutorial at Bottlecapco

Bottle Cap Keychain

Button Cluster Key Ring – Get Tutorial at Sumoftheirstories

Button Cluster Key Ring

Confetti Keychain – Get Tutorial at Instructables

Confetti Keychain

Contact Paper Keyrings – Get Tutorial at Fallfordiy

Contact Paper Keyrings

Cute DIY Backpack Beaded Keychains – Get Tutorial at Hellowonderful

Cute DIY Backpack Beaded Keychains

DIY Keychains Made From Wooden Hearts – Get Tutorial at Cherishedbliss

DIY Keychains made from Wooden Hearts

Easy DIY Beaded Keychains – Get Tutorial at Prettylifegirls

Easy DIY Beaded Keychains

Emoji Key Chains – Get Tutorial at Craftshackchronicles

Emoji Key Chains

Fabric Scrap Key Chain – Get Tutorial at Craftinessisnotoptional

Fabric Scrap Key Chain

Felt Ball Icecream Cone Keychain – Get Tutorial at Akailochiclife

Felt Ball Icecream Cone Keychain

Hand Lettered Wood Slice Diy Keychains – Get Tutorial at Sustainmycrafthabit

Hand Lettered Wood Slice Diy Keychains

Handprint Keychain – Get Tutorial at Greyhouseharbor

Handprint Keychain

His And Hers Tassel And Birch Wood Keychains – Get Tutorial at 365designs

His And Hers Tassel And Birch Wood Keychains

Keychain From A Soda Can – Get Tutorial at Craftyladylindsay

Keychain from a Soda Can

Macrame Keychain Tutorial – Get Tutorial at Prettylifegirls

Macrame Keychain Tutorial

Monogram Clay Keychains – Get Tutorial at Homeyohmy

Monogram Clay Keychains

Resin Flower Keychains – Get Tutorial at Resincraftsblog

Resin Flower Keychains

Seashell Keychains – Get Tutorial at Marthastewart

Seashell Keychains

Stamped Leather Keychains – Get Tutorial at Liagriffith

Stamped Leather Keychains

Tassel Keychains – Get Tutorial at Kenarry

Tassel Keychains

Thumbprint Heart Keychain – Get Tutorial at Rhythmsofplay

Thumbprint Heart Keychain

Watercolor Luggage Keychains – Get Tutorial at Abeautifulmess

Watercolor Luggage Keychains

Wine Cork Key Chains – Get Tutorial at Sixdollarfamily

Wine Cork Key Chains

Wooden Name Key Chains – Get Tutorial at Thirtyhandmadedays

Wooden Name Key Chains

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