Unique DIY home decor ideas you must try

If you just want to have fun sprucing up the home you’ve been in for years, read on. These DIY ideas for home decor are sure to get you inspired. If you just purchased a new home among the Memphis houses for sale or anywhere else, you probably don’t have a lot of room left in your budget for decor. The average person spends around $8,176 on furniture alone. That’s just for an apartment, not to mention the down payment and other expenses that come with buying a house.

Interesting DIY home decor ideas for you

Add Greenery

Bringing in greenery makes your home’s indoor air cleaner, creating a better environment for wellness while providing a bigger bang for your decorating dollars than fresh-cut flowers. If you don’t have a green thumb, faux houseplants can give your spaces a more lush look with the feel of nature. You might use ferns to create soft focal points around your living or family room or create an indoor garden by using a bar cart in an awkward recess to brighten up the space. Plus, it will be easy to wheel them around to your kitchen when they need some pruning or spritzing.

If you have a sunroom, you can take advantage of tall plants that need a lot of life, like a palm that’s suited for indoors which provides a tropical feel while being a great statement piece.

Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Wallpaper can completely change a space, infusing it with your personality. Peel and stick wallpaper is much easier than traditional wallpaper which requires a separate glue, and even the “pre-pasted” type of wallpaper means that you’ll have to wet it to activate the adhesive. Peel and stick is more like a giant sticker that you’ll be able to stick and restick again until you get it right, streamlining the process with less mess while being much more forgiving.

Bring Nature In

Bringing nature into your home will help create a more soothing and peaceful atmosphere that can help calm the body and mind. In addition to plants, commit to a theme of nature by incorporating natural accessories that complement your home’s other elements with paintings, bedding, and cushions decorated with plants. Use natural items for unique decorations, such as shells, stones, and driftwood to provide an all-around outdoor effect to any room.

Like the beach? Give your home a beachy look even if you don’t live by the coast by using shells and driftwood as part of a table centerpiece or as decor on a mantle.

Create an Inspiring Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is one of the best opportunities to showcase your personality with some of your most precious memories while taking up the empty space on a large wall to make the room feel fully inhabited. It doesn’t have to be all photographs, you can add drawings and anything you cherish like postcards from your favorite vacations or even your grandmother’s dishes. There’s no need to spend a lot of money either, just pick up the right frames. Aim to create something that isn’t too hodge-podge or too matching – ideally the frames should have some common elements while being slightly different.

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