A Complete Parent’s Guide to Buying Baby Bath or Baby Seat

The thought of giving the first bath to the baby frightens even the confident parents. A little baby splashing in a tub full of water is one of the scariest combinations. However, it can provide with you some of the most precious memories of your baby’s childhood. Here we are providing you with a comprehensive parent’s guide to buying baby bath and seats. Read on to find out how to choose a baby bathtub. Let us start with discussing the type of baby bathtubs available in the market.

Buying Baby Bath

Type of Baby Bathtubs

  • Basic Infant Tubs: Just like an infant car seat, these standard infant bathtubs come with a sloped interior so that your baby can lie back at a particular angle. The ones that have foam lining help in preventing your baby from slipping.
  • Bathtubs with Mesh Linings: Many tubs offer a contoured internal nylon mesh support slings that help in cradling the babies. You can remove it when it is no longer in need.
  • Convertible Bathtubs: These bathtubs grow with your baby. They come with adjustable positions that allow the parents to use the tub during the newborn, infant, and toddler stages.
  • Foldable Bathtubs: These bathtubs are foldable and collapse for easy storage. These are great options for bathrooms with small spaces or for travelling. Make sure the material is sturdy and does not leak.
  • Collapsible Bathtubs to Use in Sink: Collapsible bathtubs can fit into a sink and provides a structure to hold the bathtub in place. However, you cannot use these tubs in a bathtub for adults.
  • Spa Tubs: You need batteries to operate these tubs and are much expensive as compared to the other baby baths. Spa tubs are capable of creating bubbles and swirling water. These tubs also come with bells and whistles, motorized water jets, a mini shower nozzle that lets you clean your baby with the fresh water.

Features to Consider While Purchasing a Bathtub

  • Proper in Size: Getting a big size bathtub increases the risk of drowning and choosing a bathtub too small will make your baby uncomfortable. Go through the weight and size guidelines before buying a bathtub for your baby.
  • Temperature Indicator: Some bathtub variants come with a temperature indicator that changes color when the water in the tub is too hot for the baby. There are some with digital readings. If your tub does not have any temperature indicator, you can consider buying a separate one. However, you should always double-check the temperature before putting your baby in a tub.
  • Contoured Design with Padded Lining: Look for a bathtub with these features. The contoured design will keep your baby from sliding around. Padded lining is usually thin but much comfortable than the hard plastic.
  • Smooth and Overhanging Rim: A smooth-edged tub with overhanging rim makes it easier to carry the tub filled with water. It ensures that your baby’s skin would not get scraped.
  • Drain Plug: An attached drain plug helps in emptying the tub easily and faster rather than tipping over a heavy water-filled tub.
  • Water-fill Line: A line that is printed on the inside of the tub indicated by the word ‘MAX’. It allows the parent to understand the level to make their baby comfortable without overfilling the tub.
  • Non-skid Surface: Get your baby a bathtub having a non-skid surface. This will ensure your soaped-up baby in place during the bath time.
  • Foldable with Hook or Handles: Foldable tubs are in rage due to their easier storage options. Some variants come with a handle or hook on the back so that you can hang the tub for better drainage.
  • Cleaning Process: Remember, bathtubs with extra features will certainly take more time to clean. Opt for an easy to clean bathtub.

Other Tips for Buying Baby Baths

Experts advise parents against using inflatable tubs, baby bath seats, and rings. Firstly, bath seats should be only for the babies who can sit up on their own. Chances are high that your baby might slip out. Inflatable tubs fit inside a regular bathtub to give your baby a comfortable space for bathing. But these tubs are prone to tip over and collapse.

Lastly, if you are looking to buy a second-hand used bathtub, make sure that it is in good condition. Check whether there are any leaks and give it a good cleaning. However, experts strongly recommend against using bath seats, as they are not safe and reliable. After all, you would definitely do not want your baby’s bathtub to provide you with a false sense of security.

Whenever you take your baby for a bath, make sure to follow all the bathing safety guidelines. Do not leave your baby alone and unattended in the bathtub. Follow these tips for buying baby baths to make his bathing experience a pleasurable one.

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