Most Common Teenage Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

Many parents become apprehensive when it comes to raising teenage kids. Studies show that the parents are their teenage child’s greatest influence when it comes to passing family values, expectations, responsibility, and choices regarding issues like drugs, smoking, sex etc.Let us discuss some of the most common teenage parenting mistakes and tips to dealing with teenagers.

Try to Listen More and Talk Less

Lecturing becomes more and more ineffective as your children grow older. Teenagers tend to feel being treated as a little kid and start ignoring their parents’ words. Rather than forcing your opinions on your children, try to have a conversation. Help your children to work out a solution to the problem.

Most Common Teenage Parenting Mistakes

Do not Belittle their Ideas

You might find your teen pondering over a completely unrealistic idea. However, putting down your child’s idea can shut him down. Instead, you can ask why he likes the idea or how he is planning to accomplish it. This way you are not only showing your support but also making him rethink whether the idea is workable or not.Also, one of the most annoying parent traits that teens hate is the quick disapproval or judgement.

Allow them to Solve the Problem

You may find it difficult to watch your teenage daughter dealing with a problem alone. However, you should not solve the problem. Solving your teen’s problems may make her think she is good for nothing.Instead, demonstrate problem-solving skills to your teen, offer her your suggestions or help her to solve the problem.

Do not Always Expect the Worst

Most of the parents dread the teenage years and as their children approach these years, they start assuming that their teen will soon turn into an uncontrollable monster. Many parents feel that their children will inevitably fall into the traps of drug abuse and sexual activities. However, you need to avoid this way of thinking. Try not jumping into conclusions when you find your child out of your sight. Try to have frequent conversations with your child and keep yourself updated about his hobbies or interests or the activities he is participating in.

Avoid Permissive Parenting

Being open-minded parents may sound cool. But permissive and liberal parenting is one of the worst parenting advice for teenage children. Placing no limits, taking no or less interest in your child’s activities, not caring about the child’s whereabouts, little directions etc. are some of the criteria of permissive parenting. This type of parenting may give your teen an indication that you do not value or care about her. Also, you should not keep parental limits that are too strict.

Try to Spend Enough Time with Your Child

You may feel that adolescence is the time when children do not want to spend time with their parents. This is not just true. However, they would still love to feel secure and hear a few words of wisdom offered by their parents. Try to spend some quality time with your child and try to make connections. This is one of the best teenage parenting tips that you should certainly consider. If your child trusts you and feels connected to you, he would certainly share her feelings.

Do Not Try to be your Child’s Best Friend Forever

Parents should act like parents. Try avoiding the all-knowing attitude and do not seek to be your child’s best friend. This kind of behavior can diminish a parent’s authority.Your child needs someone to look upon, someone with an authority over him.

Do not Indulge in Competitive Parenting

You need to understand that nobody is perfect in this world. Comparing your teen with other kids may bring your teen’s confidence down. Instead, try focusing on the good things your child is good at. Indulging in competitive parenting is as bad as judging someone’s parental style and their kids. While we do not have control over judgmental thoughts, we can try understanding the person rather than jumping to the conclusions.

We have already discussed the most common teenage parenting mistakes and the ways to deal with them. Parenting teenagers might sound like the most difficult thing around. But, things would come out as quite easy we, parents, maintain a prominent role in their lives. You may face many challenges while parenting a teen, but it is important for you not to give up in any given situation.

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