Most Common Mistakes Parents Make with Newborns

There is no doubt about the fact that raising your little one can be tough. While you will get loads of advice available on the web, you would not find an exact guide for doing the same. This is because every baby is different with a different set of habits and behaviors. However, we have tried to compile the list of mistakes parents make in the first year. Let us discuss some of the most common mistakes parents make with newborns. Follow our guide to avoid the common parenting mistakes and make the parenthood journey smooth and enjoyable.

Believing Every Piece of Advice you Hear

You are more likely to seek advice from everyone out there. Even if you do not, it will pour in anyway. You must listen to the advice, but you need to know that you and your spouse’s intuition are the best guides for your baby.

Mistakes parents make with newborns

Letting your Newborn Sleep through the Entire Night

Parents should feed their newborns every four hours for at least up to two weeks. Babies going too long without eating anything could become dehydrated. At the time of two-week checkup, if your baby is gaining weight proportionally and sleeping through the night, then you can enjoy the phase.

Not Feeding on your Baby’s Demand

Do not put your baby on a strict eating schedule. Experts say that as long as your newborn is eating at least every four hours, it is ok to keep your baby on a schedule she wants. Following their demand will help your baby to eat better.

Taking your Newborn to Crowded Places

Try to limit your newborn’s exposure to the crowded places like a grocery store or a birthday party. Your baby either could get a life-threatening bacterial infection or could get a fever from a less-dangerous virus. In that case, if your baby is less than six months old and has a fever, you will certainly need to evaluate her by a doctor and hospitalize her.

Keeping your Newborn Cooped Up Every Time at Home

While taking your newborn to crowded places is not a good idea, it also not advisable to stay home 24-7. Take your newborn out for a walk or even to the grocery store. But, you need to pick a time when the crowd is less so that your baby is less exposed to more people. However, you need to consider these restrictions until your baby is six weeks old.

Comparing your Baby with Other Tots

Let your baby develop at her own pace as long as it is within the usual range. A baby may take a little more time to smile, to crawl, to sit up etc. Do not focus on the developmental charts and do not let other parents make you feel that your baby is a bit slow as compared to others. This is one of the most typical mistakes parents make in the first year.

Neglecting the Oral care

You should not neglect your baby’s oral care. Start encouraging good oral habits. Try not giving milk in the bed once your infant’s teeth have erupted. Wipe out your baby’s gum using wet gauze.

Not Installing your Baby’s Car Seat Properly

Firstly, you need to choose the right car seat. Once done, you should go to the local fire station or another chain store to ensure that the seat is installed correctly.

Take care of your Relationship

You need to stay connected within your marriage and make it a priority. Though you need to focus a lot on your new baby, you should maintain a sense of being a couple and learning or doing things together. Caring for a newborn is no cakewalk and is quite difficult for a single person to manage everything. If you are having other family members, you can share the load with them.

Taking too Much of stress

You need to stay calm and patient not only with your baby but also with your husband. Do not fight too much in front of your baby. Babies are more likely to pick up negative vibes faster.

Mistakes are a part of life and we should learn from each one of them. We have already discussed the most common mistakes parents make with newborns. Apart from this, you need to preserve every moment. There are times when you say, I will never forget this day. Unfortunately, at the end, you will. One day, you will wake up and find your child’s infancy has passed. So, do not make yourself too absorbed in everything you do. You should cherish every moment. You can preserve your childhood by keeping a journal, clicking photos, and record your baby’s everyday things so that you can relive them for the years to come.

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