20 Exquisite Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas to Flaunt Your Creativity

The Christmas gift wrapping ideas sets the holiday mood, along with the sparkly lights, decked up the mantle, and wreaths. The major reason being that they make way for the first impression. Your deftly wrapped Christmas presents can add to the thrill of the holiday besides being one of your festive accents. Ahead, you would come across all the surprising ways to wrap Christmas gifts using easily-available elements, and DIY gift toppers.

Use these ideas to upgrade your usual gift-wrapping skills and double the fun of Christmas.

Never-Seen Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Nothing beats the charm of wrapping gifts in a brown paper bag. And by stamping the brown Christmas gift wrapping paper with Christmas trees or some other festive print like stars, reindeer, Santa cap, you can easily ace one of the best wrapping ideas. By icing a traditional gingerbread cookie and piping your recipient’s name, you can make delicious Cookie Tags for Christmas gifts in no time.

Life is no less than a journey, and the Road Map Christmas wrapping paper is key to present your gifts extraordinarily. You know December is all about Santa and reindeer. And so, print a deer silhouette to use them as a stencil and trace the deer shape on a unique Christmas wrapping paper. Follow it up by cutting out the deer and taping it on your wrapping paper.

Adorable Christmas Gift Wrapping Styles

  • How about some friendly greetings from a penguin or even a polar bear? Use a circle punch and a pair of scissors to snip out the animal of your choice from a colored construction paper.
  • The kids nowadays are going gaga over Emojis. And they are no longer limited to text messages. You can take a yellow wrapping paper as the base to create cute Emoji faces that you love.
  • Go beyond the usual green and red Christmas wrapping paper, and instead use a matte black wrapping paper. Finish things up by using a pinecone, sprig, or even twine.

Christmas wrapping ideas are always exciting to DIY and recreate. Use simple and cheap leftovers from Christmas décor to recreate wonderful Christmas present wrapping ideas. Also, find your way to the gallery below to find more such creative ways to make your gift look special and precious.

Awesome Christmas Gift Wrap – Get Tutorial at Honestlywtf

Awesome Christmas Gift Wrap

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Beautiful Christmas Gift Wrapping

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Christmas Gift Wrapping 3 Ways

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Custom Card and Ribbon Gift Wrap

Easy Christmas Light Wrapping Paper – Get Tutorial at Boxwoodavenue

Easy Christmas Light Wrapping Paper

Easy Tie Double Stack Bow – Get Tutorial at Thechelseaproject

Easy Tie Double Stack Bow

Fingerprint Snowman Christmas Gift – Get Tutorial at Dazzlewhilefrazzled

Fingerprint Snowman Christmas Gift

Golden Paper Feathers – Get Tutorial at Liagriffith

Golden Paper Feathers

Hand painted Gold Sharpie Gift Wrapping – Get Tutorial at Lilblueboo

Handpainted Gold Sharpie Gift Wrapping

Kraft Paper And Glitter – Get Tutorial at Creatingreallyawesomefunthings

Kraft Paper And Glitter

Painted Christmas Gift Wrap – Get Tutorial at Carrieelle

Painted Christmas Gift Wrap

Paper Straw Stars – Get Tutorial at Splashofsomething

Paper Straw Stars

Recycled Paper Bag Gift Wrap Ideas – Get Tutorial at Athomeonthebay

Recycled Paper Bag Gift Wrap Ideas

Rustic Christmas Gift Wrapping – Get Tutorial at Homehereandaway

Rustic Christmas Gift Wrapping

Simple Brown Paper Wrapping – Goldstandardworkshop

Simple Brown Paper Wrapping

Stamped Christmas Gift Bags – Get Tutorial at Purelykatie

Stamped Christmas Gift Bags

Star Garland Gift Wrap – Get Tutorial at Homeyohmy

Star Garland Gift Wrap

Stenciling DIY Gift Wrap – Get Tutorial at Cuttingedgestencils

Stenciling DIY Gift Wrap

Wrap Gifts With Natural Items – Get Tutorial at Diynetwork

Wrap Gifts With Natural Items

Wreath Gift Toppers – Get Tutorial at Sayyes

Wreath Gift Toppers

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