What to Do For Overall Child’s Development?

Child development is a blend of all the personal skills taken together. These skills include intellectual, physical, social, emotional and moral skills. As a parent, you aim at developing the intellectual skills of your child. The marks and the ranked secured by your child is more of a concern for you than the co-curriculum activities. In the process of accelerating intellectuality, you often ignore other skills of your child. Your child thus becomes wise but is unaware of where and how to use his wit. Inculcating proportion of all the skills is very important for your child’s overall development.

Effective Child Development Tips to Inculcate Skills

In the era where technology is ruling over the development of your child’s skills, your kids are not getting exposed to the outdoors much. Your child’s addiction and constant yearning to play online games is increasing day by day.

This, in the first place, is the mistake of the person who gave him a device to play. The graphics used in online games and other mobile applications start attracting your child. Slowing and gradually, unintentionally you make your child addicted to mobiles and iPads.

Now before discussing the ways inculcating various skills in your child, find a good reason to keep your child away from the device, if unable to do so, rememorize your childhood days to find a reason.

1. Intellectual Development

Intellectual development refers to intelligence. Now, this not only refers to how your child scores in exams. This as well means how well can your child deal with a problem or decide on a particular thing. The way your child organizes his things in his Teepee Tent is also a part of his intellectual skills. For accelerating your child’s intellectual development, you can try these things:

  • Take their opinion on certain things
  • Ask them to solve a riddle
  • Allow them to organize their shelves
  • Gift them books they like
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2. Physical Development

Other than going to school, it is very important for your child to take part in co-curriculum activities.  Your child needs a constant engagement in outdoor activities for building a strong physique, coordination of body parts and boosting immunity.

  • Take your child to the park
  • Allow them to join their favorite sport


3.Emotional Development

The way your child reacts to certain situations and the style of expressing thoughts is his emotional skills.

  • Share your experiences with your child
  • Ask how they feel about a particular situation
  • Allow them to discuss things with you

4.Social Development

The way your child reacts in front of strangers shows his social behavior. Some children may feel comfortable while interacting, while some may feel conscious and shy. For developing their social skills, try these things:

  • Take them for frequent outings
  • Allow them to communicate when they shop for themselves
  • Include them in the family communication
  • Ask for their presence when guests turn up
  • Allow them to make friends

5.Moral Development

You pass on different values and ethics in your child, making your child understand the difference between right and wrong. The change in behavior develops an understanding of your child called conscience.

  • Morality has to be understood, not ordered.
  • Narrate moral stories to your child
  • Discuss issues that are wrong morally

No child develops these attributes at once. Patiently feeding on personal skills will help your child turn into a better individual. Every small attempt will knowingly or unknowingly develop your child’s interpersonal skills and contributes to effective child development

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