Why are Childhood Vaccines Important for Your Baby?

Every parent wants to do the best possible things that help in safeguarding their children. Raising and bringing up a child is not easy. It comes with many important decisions. Protecting child health through vaccinations is as essential as choosing your baby’s nursery or baby proofing your home. In fact, your baby’s immunization should be your primary priority. The question is why vaccines are important for a child. Let us discuss some of the important reasons to vaccinate your child.

childhood vaccines

Early Protections for Children

The US childhood immunization schedule, set by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) based on ACIP (Advisor Committee on Immunization Practices) recommendations. Also approved by AAP, the schedule protects the infants and children early in life, when they are the most vulnerable and exposed to diseases.

The infants and children need all the doses of the vaccines to ensure full protection. Failing to do so makes the child vulnerable to serious diseases. Therefore, do not miss or skip any of the doses of your child’s vaccination. Keep yourself updated by checking with your doctor to know if your child is due for any vaccination.

Childhood Vaccines are Safe and Effective

Nowadays, the vaccine recommendations are quite safe, effective, and updated. A vaccine undergoes extensive testing before approving and giving it to a child. Scientists, doctors, and health professionals carefully evaluate and review a vaccine before any further processing. However, there may be some tenderness or discomfort at the site. In some cases, children may not able to receive some vaccines safely due to the allergies or weak immune system (because of any medical treatment or illness like chemotherapy).

Serious Diseases Still Exists

The eradication of the diseases through the vaccines is one of the major achievements when it comes to the public health. Thanks to these childhood vaccines, most parents of the younger generation have never seen the catastrophic effects of diseases such as measles, polio, whooping cough etc.  You may think that these diseases only existed in the past. But the reality is that they still exist. The outbreak may happen in a community when there is a sudden drop in the vaccination rates. Therefore, it becomes very important for the parents to understand and appreciate the importance of vaccinations.

Many Diseases can Spread Easily

It might be the case that your country has never seen a case of diphtheria or measles. But it is not always necessary that these diseases don’t occur in the other countries. For instance, due to the proper vaccinations, measles may not be very common in the US. But it is still making its presence felt in the other countries. In 2014, the US experienced the most number of measles cases in the entire history. The infected and unvaccinated travellers brought the disease from the Philippines.

Protecting Future Generations

Few generations ago, the number of vaccinations was quite less. The vaccines not only help in reducing but also, in some cases, eliminating the diseases that affected and killed people earlier. For instance, the vaccination associated with small pox has eliminated the diseases worldwide. The rubella vaccination (German measles) has reduced the risk of a woman passing the virus on to her fetus to a considerable extent. In the US, the birth defects related to this particular virus are now negligible. Continuing vaccinations may help the future parents to protect their child from some of the diseases that are existent today. This is one of the most important reasons to vaccinate your child.

It is your duty, as a parent, to protect your child. Choosing childhood vaccines and immunizing your child should be the primary priority for you. It is one of the powerful defenses that is proven, safe and effective.

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