Common Challenges That Single Mothers Face and Ways to Overcome Them

Single moms are living symbols of ‘unlimited feminine strength’. Most single parents aim not only to nurture a child but give the baby everything that a family should! Frankly and practically, the immediate words coming in mind are – chaos, insecurity, fear, lack of confidence, financial pressure, and above all depression. There are thousands of single moms around the globe who have successfully overcome these challenges and are still thriving. Challenges that single mothers face do not end easily. However, there are ways to overcome the same and reduce their impact on the child’s upbringing. Apart from effective time management and financial management, single parents need to know ways to deal with their everyday challenges.

Challenges a Single Mother Faces

Challenges That Single Mom Face

Let’s reveal the hidden secrets of the plight of single moms and ways to overcome these challenges.

  1. Frustration Transforming to Anger – Get your kids to sleep when you feel like yelling, getting frustrated is common but instead of breaking out on the kid better let him sleep or go to play and you get a relaxed bath. Count 100 and keep calm! 
  1. Indecisiveness – Taking solo decisions and self-doubting yourself is common being a single mom, just believe in your values and groom your child your way. You are the mother and your guidance can never go wrong with your child! No one is perfect, if any decision goes wrong, take a lesson from it – don’t crib! 
  1. Stress – Exercise daily as stress for a single parent is inevitable. Engage your child in your exercising hours to enhance the bonding, go for jogging, cycling, swimming or yoga classes. Even short dance class sessions can be a great stress buster. 
  1. Loneliness – Loneliness is a constant challenge while single parenting; get yourself engaged to 200% so that no ill thoughts trouble you – be it for an earning or upbringing the child or social work or may be something constructive, but do not let a moment free to feel the past pain. 


Challenges That Single Parents Face 


  1. Earning Trouble –Earning more and more is a necessity. After your full-time job, go for part time jobs that do not take much time or let you ignore the kid. For example, teach a few kids of the same class in the same time frame. Try blogging, content writing or take up some work-from-home freelancing activity and earn some extra bucks! Spend few hours during the weekend for promotional campaigns for companies etc. You can opt for teaching yoga, dance, music etc. as well.
  1. The Need Of A Helping Hand – Take help from your parents or reliable relatives to take care of the child when you need to stay away. Make sure you are keeping a note of the kid’s basic necessities including catering to his emotional needs as he would definitely miss the other parent!

Problems in families with single parents are commonplace in every part of United States. Learn ways to cope with the issues with a problem-solving approach, rather than brooding over them. Having no one as a companion is one of the biggest challenges that single mothers face. Still, a positive parenting approach makes a lot of things easy.

Happy Parenting!

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