How to Boost Your Daughter’s Confidence and Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem of girls reaches the peak at the age of 9. It is your responsibility as a parent to boost your daughter’s confidence. The social media can provide a very negative impact on the self-esteem of your daughter. The social networking sites are flooded with unrealistic images of exceptionally thin and beautiful women. Raising daughters in such a culture can indeed be a challenging task. However, with some expert advice and suggestions from parents across the world, you can take guided steps.

How to Build Self-Esteem in Daughters?

Aware of the Media:

Make your daughter aware of the media. Watch television with your daughter to help her realize the fake information given by the world of glitz and glitter.  Make her understand that she should develop a keen eye for decoding and filtering the media messages.

Balance the Compliments You Shower on Your Daughter:

In order to help daughters develop self-esteem and confidence, mothers undeniably play a pivotal role. However, you need be careful while complimenting your daughter on her appearance. Do not only focus on her physical appearance but compliment on her other traits as well. A good method is to balance compliments directed towards physical appearance with non-appearance based compliments. Apply this method to compliment your daughter’s friends, neighbors, relatives etc. as well.

Encourage Sports Participation:

For raising girls with healthy self-esteem, encourage them to play some kind of sport in teams. Research shows that team sports boost the self-esteem of girls.

boost your daughter’s confidence

More Ways of Building Self-Esteem In Teenage Daughter

Praise the Hard Work:

Research shows that girls in the adolescent period who are praised about their good score due to hard work and effort perform better than those praised for their intelligence. Psychologists say that acknowledging intelligence as one of the traits instills fear of failure. This makes teenage girls less capable of handling setbacks.

Parental Support through Thick and Thin:

During the adolescence, parent’s advice, guidance, and suggestions play a key role in the mental growth and development of a teenager girl.

Foster Effective Communication:

Teenage girls want to be assured that their parents are always by their side without interfering in their private affairs too much. The secret to raising confident daughters is by lending a patient ear to them. Stand by them through all their struggles without being judgemental.

Show Interest in Your Daughter’s Passion:

You can foster a strong bond with your daughter by showing interest in what she likes. This would give her the message that you care for her unconditionally, in turn boosting her self-esteem.

Discuss Taboo Subjects Openly:

The mother is a role model for a child. So, it is your responsibility as a parent to provide her accurate information on all topics including drugs and sex. If you don’t, she might acquire distorted information from unreliable sources. This can lower her self-confidence and be harmful to her in the long run.

Thus raising confident daughters need a lot of patience, consistency, unconditional love and support and is a long-term process. The key to bringing up a confident daughter is by making her speak for herself and involving her in a positive activity, be it sports, playing a musical instrument or drama at an early age, in which she can achieve self-esteem by mastering a talent.

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