Five Great Books to Buy Following Teddy Bear Day  

You may have noticed recently that every day in the calendar year now seems to be worthy of your observance. All of these new celebrations, such as “Ice Cream for Breakfast Day,” “Leave the Office Early Day,” and “World Toothache Day,” can very quickly clog up your calendar. Admittedly, “Teddy Bear Day” sounds completely made-up (as do the others, for that matter), but it is rooted in some very real history. With that said, make sure that you and the young readers in your home are ready for “Teddy Bear Day” with some great, teddy bear-themed reads.

What is National Teddy Bear Day?

Before we get to the list of must-have books, you might be curious to know the history behind “Teddy Bear Day.” Celebrated every year on September 9th, it relates back to a fateful day in 1902 when then-President Theodore Roosevelt, an avid outdoorsman, refused to shoot a bear cub while on a hunting expedition in Mississippi. The act of compassion made national headlines and endeared him to a generation. The Washington Post that fall, even published a cartoon about the incident solidifying the obscure holiday as a day to read a favorite bear-themed story or spend time with a favorite plush bear.

1 – The Paddington Treasury

If you’re a bear aficionado, you likely know all about the adventures of Paddington Bear. Wearing his trademark red hat and blue rain slicker, Paddington has traveled around the world, including a fateful visit to South America, where he first met the Brown family. The family would quickly come to know that whenever Paddington is around, things have a way of becoming extraordinary. The Paddington Treasury includes a fine assortment of Paddington’s adventures and is a testament to the popularity achieved by his stories over the decades.

2 – The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Even if you aren’t familiar with the book, you’ve likely heard someone singing the identically named song—on more than one occasion.  The charmingly illustrated Teddy Bears’ Picnic book is the perfect companion if you’d like to share the catchy, beloved jingle with a teddy bear lover in your home.

3 – We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt is a beautifully illustrated, fast-paced, and humorous tale. It is a story of a family who sets out on a grand bear-hunting adventure. Will they find the bear? What will they do if they find it? Are they scared? All these questions and more are answered in this can’t-miss interactive classic that is perfect for Teddy Bear Day.

4 – Biscuit And The Lost Teddy Bear

Part of a much-loved series featuring the charming pup, Biscuit, this My First I Can Read book follows the story of a lost toy that provides Biscuit with ample opportunity to save the day and make friends along the way. Biscuit And The Lost Teddy Bear is the perfect book to both introduce your child to Teddy Bear Day and instill a lifelong love for a dog that has been featured in children’s books for almost twenty years.

5 – Corduroy

Wearing his unmistakable green overalls, Corduroy is a department store bear who embarks on a nighttime adventure. This was to locate his missing button. After his long search comes up empty, Corduroy finds something better: a young friend who takes him home and fixes his missing button.

Teddy Bear Day may not have always been on your radar, but with young readers at home, there’s no better reason to jump on the bandwagon and have some fun reading about the world’s favorite fictitious bears. Order these and other books online, and start a tradition in your family that will last for years to come.

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