5 Great Cars for First-time Parents

Nothing will change your life more than the first glance at a positive pregnancy test. In that instant, your life changes forever. You start looking at the world differently. And you desperately start preparing for something that you have no idea about. Even if you’ve spent a lifetime around kids, having your own children is an entirely different experience. So you do your best to prepare for the wild ride that is parenthood and make preparations. One of the first things new parents change is their vehicle. If you already drive an SUV, you may get away with driving that vehicle for a few more years. But if you’re in a compact sedan or sports car, you’ll probably need to upgrade your vehicle before the baby arrives. Of course, do not forget to have the convertible car seat in your car. Here’s an amazing list of cars for first-time parents with reasoning.

Five Great Cars for First-Time Parents


  1. Chrysler Pacifica: You’re probably only expecting one child at the moment, but it’s important to prepare for the future. Whether you want a large family or not, understand that things change. And the average family has 2.4 children per household. So if you’re thinking you might have more than one child, it’s best to prep for it now. You don’t want to be buying another vehicle in a year or two. The Chrysler Pacifica is a great car for medium to large sized families as it has Stow ‘N Go seating, power sliding doors and offers a smooth and comfortable ride for everyone.


  1. Honda CRV: The Honda CRV is a very popular choice for new parents and small families because it’s well-known that this is a reliable SUV that focuses on safety, space, and economy. There’s plenty of storage in the cabin and even more in the cargo space. And the CRV is also economical on fuel, which will help for all those budget road trips you’ll now take instead of jet setting on vacations.

Ford Flex

  1. Ford Flex: The Ford Flex is like a station wagon with a lot of extra cargo space. It has seating for six or seven, so there’s plenty of room for growth. And the doors open wide, so it’s easy to buckle the babies into their car seats. The Ford Flex has all the great features of a minivan without the look.

Sabaru Outback

  1. Subaru Outback: The Subaru Outback is an excellent compromise for the outdoorsy parents who want to maintain a sporty lifestyle. With a spacious cabin, there’s plenty of room for rear-facing car seats in the back without compromising legroom in the front. And there’s also a fair amount of space in the cargo to account for all the extra gear you’ll have in tow with a child (the younger the child, the more gear you’ll need). Safety is also an important consideration that sends many new parents towards the Subaru Outback. With a baby on board, it’s good to know you can rely on all wheel drive when the road conditions get slick.

2018-Volkswagen-Atlas-cars for first-time parents

  1. Volkswagen Atlas: The Volkswagen Atlas is an SUV that provides more versatility than a sedan, but despite its massive interior, it drives like a smaller car. In fact, space is one of the best features of the Volkswagen Atlas. Even in the third row, there’s plenty of space for adults. This will come in handy on family trips or lunch dates with your friends and all the kids. There’s no shortage of space for people or gear in the Volkswagen Atlas.

Make Your Choice Today!

As you start shopping for new cars, remember that it’s a personal choice. The five mentioned here are a great place to start, but you’ll want to consider your budget and personal needs. Getting a new car for the new addition is a big decision, so choose wisely.

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