Best Baby Diaper Brands for Newborn Babies

Choosing baby diapers is not just another thing. This is because your baby is going to wear this little piece throughout the day, no matter he is awake or asleep. Luckily, there are several baby diaper brands available that offer wonderful quality products. However, every mother intends to know the best one in terms of price, quality and suitability for different skin types.

Types of diapers vary including disposable diapers, cloth diapers, eco-friendly diapers etc. Though the price is definitely an important consideration while selecting a diaper, the main concern is to find a reliable diaper brand.

Baby Diaper Brands

List of theMost Reliable Diaper Brands for Babies

Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers is a well-known name and it is almost impossible to not have thought about it while talking about best baby diapers. This is probably the first diaper to reach your baby’s bottom in the hospital.

What’s special about the performance of Pampers Swaddlers? It is great in absorbing the leaks, soft in feel and fits quite well. These diapers also have an umbilical cord notch for the newborns. The best part about using this diaper is that it has a line, which changes color to indicate wetness. You can also buy this product in sensitive version and Pampers Baby dry variant consisting of three layers instead of normal two layers.


Huggies has won the hearts and trust of many new mothers across the world. This company is known for its consistent efforts to bring innovative and more effective diaper variants in the market.

Most of the diapers launched by Huggies allow babies feel comfortable. With Huggies little movers, your baby can spend the whole night peacefully and be a rock star when awake. This version of Huggies diapers does not restrict movement of newbies and is quite comfortable in fit.

You can find several other Huggiesdiaper types designed for potty training, swimming and night-time wear.  Moreover, Huggies has been constantly participating in the rise of mothers through programs like HuggiesMomInspired.

Earth’s Best Diapers

People’s love for nature has increased manifolds in past few years. Surprisingly, now you can find eco-friendly bio-degradabale diaperstoo. These diapers not only do good to the environment but are best for your little one’s sensitive skin as well. They are chlorine-free and made from renewable resources.

Earth’s best diapers are made with natural materials such as wheat and corn. These materials allow the diapers to absorb the liquid easily. You can also find other nature-friendly products such as infant formula and organic baby food for babies by this amazing brand.


This diaper is produced by the company Procter and Gamble and is yet another most preferred disposable diaper brand across globe. It is a perfect example of budget friendly diapers being offered by a well-established brand. You can find Luvs diapers in sizes from 4 to 10 lbs.  Here, size 6 is the largest and fits the new born heavier than 35lbs.

Though this diaper provides a comfortable and long-lasting performance during day hours, parents might have to search for an alternative for night time. One of the most attractive facts about shopping for Luvs diapers is that it comes with a money back guarantee.

Lastly, if you are looking for a generic brand then Up & Up can offer you value for money amidst so many popular diapers’brands. These diapers are cost effective and provide above average performance when it comes to absorbency. Moreover, Up & Up diapers are free from chlorine, perfumes and latex too. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your toddler’s skin while depending upon this brand.

Research proves that Pampers and Huggies have turned around to be the most premium baby diaper brands opted by parents during initial months of child birth. You can find several unique brands like Seventh Generation, Best Bottom, Lalabye Baby and Fuzzi Bunz who produce diapers in colorful patterns.

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