5 Best Baby Bouncers for Newborns

Most people think that having a baby means you can’t enjoy your normal lifestyle any longer. They believe that once one becomes a mother, all the things they enjoyed as someone without a baby would be gone before they know it. Well, that is not true. While we cannot dispute the fact that you would get busier, we must say that having a baby doesn’t put an end to your sweet life. With inventions like baby bouncers for newborns, nursing a child become a lot easier. Thanks to whoever came up with the idea! Baby bouncers definitely make one of the thoughtful baby shower gifts.

How to Choose Baby Bouncers for Newborns?

As babies, newborns most especially, have been known to possess a very delicate nature, there are a wide variety of things that don’t suit them. It is crucial that you know everything there is to know about any product, whether it is consumable or not, before getting it for your newborn child. That being said, it is also pertinent that you choose the most suitable baby bouncer for your little one. We are here to reveal to you which baby bouncer is best for a newborn, as some are best for older babies.

#1. Chicco Balloon Bouncer

From the moment you set your eyes on this baby bouncer, you will be able to appreciate its excellence in all ramifications. Its high quality, beautiful colors, and generous weight limit are what would make you fall head over heels in love with it. This comfy bouncer also has a removable cushion and an adjustable headrest. With its colorful overhead toy panel, you need not worry about what actions to put on to entertain your little one. Chicco Balloon Bouncer is suitable for newborns up to 6 months.

#2. BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss

Bjorn is a brand well known for its class and stylishness. The company invested all the necessities in creating this bouncer which is capable of soothing a fussing baby, from her first day alive up to age 2. Bouncer Bliss is made with a well-designed seat which provides adequate and proper support for a baby’s head, neck, and back. The soft nest comes in 3 beautiful colors (powder pink, anthracite, and cocoa) from which you can choose.

#3. Bright Starts Jungle Stream Bouncer

Choosing this bouncer would allow you some features which include a supportive and comfy seat for your baby, mild vibration to soothe your fussy baby, and a toy panel for her entertainment. What more could you ask? Its weight? Very light, easy to carry around. Also, it is easy to clean as the fabrics are laundry machine-friendly.

#4. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

Asides being suitable for a newborn, this baby bouncer has lots of features which makes it an excellent buy for all parents with an infant. It can be positioned semi-upright which allows your baby to explore her surroundings and will enable you to feed her appropriately. Your baby is sure to enjoy endless fun with Tiny love Gymini which is packed with numerous play features.

#5. Nuna Leaf Rocker

If you are a cost and design-conscious parent, this could be your best option. The gorgeous Nuna Leaf rocker is suitable for newborns up to 4 years. Wow, that’s a lot. Not all though, it combines style with efficiency and some other great features.

Hope the above list of baby bouncers for newborns has made your choice easy. Share your baby bouncer shopping experience with us in the comments below. Our readers would love to hear your preferred baby bouncer recommendations too.

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