Websites and Apps to Make Christmas Light and Merry

The nights are getting darker, which can only mean one thing, Christmas is nearly here! These are times of celebrations and festivities. There is so much that each one of us needs to do. Find ways to save on Christmas purchases and also to make an extra buck to feel financially light on the Big day. Here are three apps and websites you should get on your phone before the big day.

A Direct Phone Line to Santa

The good news about Christmas is that you’re given an extra tool to discipline your children. Many people put an Elf on the Shelf out in their homes at the start of December to “keep an eye” on your little one’s behavior. Often this is enough to make your little ones behave well to make sure Santa delivers presents down their chimney this year.

If you need a little help, you can now get apps that make it appear Santa is calling your child. You can personalize it by choosing from a selection of pre-recorded messages and even choose whether you want Santa to tell your child off or praise them.

Surveys for Money

Christmas may be one of the most fun times of the year. You get to spend more time with your extended family and see the magic in your eyes as your little one excitedly waits for Santa Claus. The only problem is the financial aspect can often fill parents with dread. Many young people don’t understand the cost of some toys and could end up asking Santa for some very pricey gifts. Not only that, but there is all the food and decorations to buy as well.

If you’re looking to earn some extra money before the festive period, luckily there is a way you can do that by typing a few details into your phone. Many companies will pay you for helping them with research for their products. All you need to do is simply answer some questions on what you think about popular products and services.

Many of these are multiple-choice ones. You can complete most of them in a matter of minutes. Find a website that will allow you to take online surveys for cash. They will send you regular offers of different surveys on different products. Once you’ve completed a few, you’ll be able to transfer a sizable sum of money into your bank account.

Your Favorite Store’s Website

Like many people around the world, you might be saving all of your Christmas shopping until Black Friday. As retailers compete with each other to offer the best deals, you could find some of the prices of the products you want have been slashed! The only problem is the popularity of these sales means some of these products can sell out in hours if not minutes.

Be prepared for this year’s Black Friday by downloading the apps of the stores you want to buy from onto your phone. Then save all of the products in your favorites, so you can easily access them and put them in your basket at the start of Black Friday. Many apps even let you set up a notification to tell you exactly when their Black Friday deals become available.

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