8 Fun Traditions to Start With Your Kids This Weekend

Looking back on your childhood, many people tie certain activities with their parents. Perhaps it was one of your father’s hobbies that you always look back on or something special with your mother.

As a parent, you’re likely to try and impart your own likes and hobbies onto your children or at the very least, try and find something both of you enjoy doing together. It could be an old activity or a brand new one.

Have you thought about what kind of fun traditions you would like to start with your children? Perhaps you have a few in mind, but this is likely to be a trial and error type game (we all know how fast kids can change their minds).

If you’re looking for some ideas, check out the list below!

Game Night

Grab your favorite board game or try a new one. You can teach you children about the joys of winning and how to react when you lose.

Board games with team mentalities (everyone vs. the game) are becoming more and more popular, so it’s a fun way to teach them about working together and making decisions selflessly.

Classic Movie Binging

With Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime and roughly 900 other streaming services, you can find any movie you want faster than counting to ten.

Choose a classic movie series and go through one each weekend or save them all for a rainy day.

Yearly Trip

If your child is picking up a particular interest, why not make a yearly vacation out of it? For sports lovers, try to go to a game once or year.

If they’re big into roller coasters, head to a different amusement park with each passing year. It might be better to wait till they’re older so their hobbies are a bit more set in stone.


What better way to have a conversation, be in the outdoors and get to catch your own dinner (maybe)? Head to a local fishing spot to spend an afternoon.

For the beginner and less patient fishers, you can always head to a fish farm where catching a fish is essentially guaranteed.

The Free Day

If you’ve ever watched the show Parks and Recreation, you may remember the characters having a “Treat Yourself Day.” The day was when you should do anything and buy whatever it was that would make you happy.

Have your child write down a few things they would love to do and review it before hand (the electric bull ride may be a bad idea). Choose a few and have a fun day!

Hit the Road

A road trip is a great way to travel and see different parts of the country. Take a car or rent an RV, there’s no wrong way to do it! For your first road trip, set a short destination but take it slow.

Stop at the sights along the way and keep your schedule open. You never know what you’ll find along the way.

Baking Station

Head to the kitchen and try a different recipe every now and then. You could already be a pro with chocolate chip cookies, but you can try baking a big cake with them or some other sweet.

They’ll learn a lot about patience and what it takes to make a successful sweet delight!

Bike Rides

Combine the outdoors with a bit of exercise, biking is a super easy activity to start.

If they haven’t learned yet, now’s the perfect time. Be sure to have all the protective gear ready beforehand.

Camp Out

Depending on how old they are, camping is a fun and unique activity. You can either head to a local camping ground or camp out in the backyard.

If you’ve got a small projector, you can turn it into an outdoor movie night.

Invent Your Own Game

Fans of the classic Bill Watterson comic Calvin and Hobbes will surely remember the game Calvin used to play, Calvinball. The rules were simple: there were no set rules and you made them up as you went.

It’s a fun way to get the creative juices flowing and a fun game to remember for the future.


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