38 Trending Nursery Room Ideas for a Beautiful and Cozy Baby Bedroom

Decorating nurseries can be awesome fun- like a trip to your childhood. Rack your brains to remember things that made you curious and gave you joy as a kid and you can take inspiration from those for toddler nursery bedroom ideas. Important things to keep in mind when you are decorating a space for your toddler or helping someone out is to keep it spacey, bright and joyful. Browse these pictures in the gallery which includes some wonderfully designed nursery room ideas to copy right now!

Bright and Calming Nursery Room Ideas

Interior designers really know how to work with light and space settings. But even without much experience or a degree, you can transform a simple room into a wonderful nursery with some research and well-selected toddler nursery bedroom ideas. Use bright and soothing colors on the walls. Toddlers love cozy places, so have a fluffy bed with an interesting headboard. Curtains with applique design, wall art of baby and growing animals, buntings and colorful storage areas are some of the basic ideas you can play with.

Spacious Nursery Designs

Incorporating storage in a toddler’s bedroom design is essential. You have probably already heard about how much time moms and nannies spend picking up after these tiny tots. Set aside lots of room for bedtime tales story books, coloring books, kid’s art supplies and of course toys. You can have a few plants in the room. Educational elements like geometric shapes, maps of the world and other little things like that can make toddlers’ nursery bedrooms really interesting and fun.

Check out the inspiring gallery of nursery room ideas and let your angelic baby have a lovely space to live! Enjoy the bright shades of green, red, yellow and purple or pick from the baby favorite colors like baby pink and baby blue. Choice of soft colors and right baby bedding are the most important factors you should not miss out on.

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