16 Adorably-Cute DIY Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids That You Can Try to Brighten-Up Those Boring Walls

Popsicle crafts are one of the most low-budgeted and exciting projects for kids. Needless to say, popsicles are easily available at every house, if you have kids at home. That said, you can now craft sweet little projects and items out of them with a couple of other essentials. Kids love taking up new craft challenges and now encourage them more with Popsicle sticks and related craft ideas. Explore some alluring DIY Popsicle stick crafts for kids right here and get started.

Glam-Up Your Kid’s Room Using DIY Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

Sunburst Mirror

Does your kid love looking and admiring herself in the mirror all the time? Help her create a pre-possessing sunburst mirror using Popsicle sticks glued together, and attaching the mirror at the center.

Sunburst Mirror

Arrow Shaped Wall Art

Fix your boring wall space using Popsicle sticks and following an interesting design like the one shown below. Use a hot glue to stick the Popsicle sticks together.

Fix Them Up As Art

Ice-Cream Garland

Now decking up the walls for a party is easy with low-cost Popsicle sticks. Use up toilet paper rolls, spray paint them using bold and vibrant colors and hang them with a string and popsicle sticks at the base to make them look like a cool ice-cream garland.

Ice-Cream Garland

Chalkboard Wall Hanger

It does not matter at what age your kid is in; he will surely love this wall hanger at his room. All you need is a chalkboard paint, hot glue gun, and ribbons to make this.

Chalkboard Wall Hanger

Colorful Popsicle Clock

Digital clocks are passé. Upgrade the looks of your kid’s room using fun Popsicle sticks and an old CD. Popsicle clocks are creatively new and interestingly great to look at.

Popsicle Clock 2


There is an interesting way to keep your winter holidays on, use the Popsicle sticks to make marvelous snowflakes and pin them up on the walls to lend a different look to it. You can paint the sticks with various colors to make it more prominent.


Popsicle Stick Frames

Wish to frame the good memories up on your kid’s room wall, but not in the usual way? Then get down to the floor with your kids and encourage them to build pretty Popsicle stick photo frames. Paint the sticks with bright and vibrant colors to boost-up the overall look.

Popsicle Stick Frames

Geometric Heart Shaped Wall Art

Adorn your walls with some voguish geometric heart shapes using Popsicle sticks. All you have to do is paint them and glue them together before you shape them into perfect heart shapes.

Abstract Wall Piece In a Frame

Collect all your Popsicle sticks, glue them together and paint them smart using a good combination of colors and frame them thereafter to make for the best wall art ever.

Colorful Popsicle Wall Art

Paint the Popsicle sticks and fix them haphazardly all across the board, to create a majestic wall art. Frame the entire thing when you are done, to lend a neat and an organized look to it.


Popsicle Stick Wall Hanging

Popsicle Stick wall hanging is super-amazing and fun to make. You need Popsicle sticks, duct tape, yarn, thread, and sharpies of various colors to complete this look.


Popsicle Beach Sign Wall Hanging

Want something creative for your kid’s bathroom? You can take up few Popsicle sticks, paint them turquoise or sea green, add some sea-shells and artificial starfish to it and use tiny pebbles to craft the word “beach” to it and you are done making the cool bathroom wall décor piece.

Popsicle Wall Flower

There is nothing prettier than wallflowers made out of Popsicle sticks. Help your kids craft this awesome thing within an hour.

DIY Decorative Popsicle Wall Flower

All you need to decorate your walls is loads of creativity, patience and of course, a bunch of Popsicle sticks and you can have the walls of your dream. If you’ve loved the gallery of  DIY Popsicle stick crafts for kids’ room, let us know.



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