15 Pretty DIY Bookmarks for Teens to Get Creative and Treasure

Books are like best friends’. Neither do they ask anything in return nor do they impose any conditions. Booklovers all around have one in common: they all crave and pine for cute little bookmarks which they can treasure for a lifetime. But why waste money on them, when you can make them yourself. Yes, that’s right; bookmarks look the best when crafted with some unique DIY tutorials. Here are few exciting DIY bookmarks for teens which can inspire them to get on the making process right away.

Attractive DIY Bookmarks for Teens

1) Moustache Bookmark

If growing a long moustache is your dream or if you simply love the idea of it, then this moustache bookmark is ‘the’ thing for you. Cut out a moustache from a black heavy-weighted paper and craft a lovely bookmark for yourself. 

2) Heart Bookmarks

Heart shapes cheer s up every dull face. So how about crafting a cute red bookmark for your book best friends? Easy to make, heart shaped bookmark is pure love.


3) Wood and Fabric Bookmark

In case you have grown bored with the usual paper cut-outs; here is something new. Use up little wood cutouts and spray paint them, and prettify those using wood sunglasses. And print the fabric with amusing one-liners and you are done making them.


4) String and Pom-Pom Bookmark

How else can you the pom-pom if not in bookmarks? Attach a colorful string (trimmed to the size of the page) to it and you are good to flaunt it.

5) Ribbon Bookmarks

If you thought ribbons are only meant for hair: it can also be used to make for the perfect bookmark. Add on some beads, buttons or even ornaments to it to better its look.


6) Paint Chip Bookmark

If subtlety is what you love and adore, then this bookmark is the best for you. Cut out small portion of paper and draw beautiful patterns and designs on it using sharpie and markers and stencils. Attach ribbons at the edges to perfect the look. You can also cut out color-block papers or patterned papers if you do not intent to draw and paint.


7) Book Page Bookmarks

Do no throw away or sell the damaged and old books. You can actually cut out the pages and turn them into bookmarks, attaching strings or ribbons to it.


8) Painted Feathers Bookmarks

Feathers are ever so soothing and pretty. Collect some from the garden and paint them using your favorite colors and you can use them as your bookmarks.


9) Button Bookmarks

As astonishing as it may sound, you can use up your unused buttons to make the coolest bookmark! Attach them to paper clips and Voila! You have the cutest bookmark ever!


10) Ladybug Corner Bookmark

Ladybugs are so cute and you can now have them as your favorite bookmark. Paint cute ladybugs on a heavy-weighted paper and make the best bookmark ever. All you need is a red paper and black marker for the eyes and patches on its body.


11) Comic Book Strips Bookmark

There are ways to repurpose your read comic books. You can cut out pieces of comic strips and paste them on a hard paper cut out and make for the perfect bookmark.


12) Washi-Tape Bookmarks

Ever thought you can use up washi tape to craft your bookmark? Yes, you can now paste washi tape on your already done corner bookmark out of patterned or painted paper.


13) Fabric Bookmarks

Well, think before you dispose that old cloth, you can actually sew that and make a unique bookmark. Gather up all the unused nice-looking cloth, cut strips of it and make sewn those good to make an extraordinarily amazing bookmark.


14) DIY Magnetic Bookmarks

Come up with one of the most creative bookmarks ever using magnets: yes you heard that right. Use up old gift papers, cut them into desired lengths and attach magnet in between the folds to make the amazingly new bookmark.


15) Denim Jeans Bookmark

Why to give your old pair of Denims when you can use it for something good? Cut out cute and dun shapes out of it and make up brilliant bookmarks out of it. Sew floral designs on it if you are good at it to lend a marvelous look to it.

Find your love back for books with these stylishly brilliant bookmarks. Check out the gallery below for more ideas and tips on DIY bookmarks for teens.

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