15+ Lovely DIY String Crafts for Kids that Are a Must-Try

Strings are one of the most interesting things to actually give shape to a lot of exciting crafts. However, you need not search the internet and rummage through the library shelves to fetch ideas and inspirations: here are some super-exciting DIY string crafts for kids that you can try and enjoy. Easy to make and amazingly creative, these given crafts are also one brilliant way to test your kid’s creativity and patience.

Cheer-Up Your Boring Weekends with Some DIY String Crafts for Kids

  • DIY Paper Spinner

The first and foremost thing that comes to our mind after hearing to ‘strings’ is spinner:  We have all played with spinners back in childhood days and now it’s time we help our kids make one, using readily available items like cardboard circle, scissors, markers, glue sticks and of course strings.

  • String Letters

String Letters help your kids learn alphabets faster. Cut out yarns of different lengths, and allow the children to dip the yarn pieces and glue and dry them on wax paper. Thereafter shape the yarn into letter formations, and keep repeating until the letter is filled with strings and dry them before you hang them on your kid’s room wall.

  • String Bracelets

Does your little angel love dressing up? Help her craft one of the prettiest bracelet using strings. All you need is a cardboard circle, and strips of different colored strings to make this wondrous piece of art. You can add buttons and beads to it.

  • Canvas String Graffiti

One of the fun and loving projects for kids, canvas string graffiti requires washable paint, spray bottles and acrylic paint for adorning it.

  • Heart String Project

This would a parent’s guidance and help. You need various colored strings/yarn, decorative board, ruler, pencil, hammer, nails, and a heart stencil. Pin this up on your kid’s room to add some glamour. You can also use self colored strings for a different look.

  • String and Paper-Plate Dream Catcher

Ever imagined you could craft out a dream catcher using your leftover paper plates and strings? Yes, it is possible with a few crayons, feathers, glitters, pony beads and glue.

  • Paper Plate and String Jelly Fish

It is not unlikely that kids love jelly fishes, given the cuteness they ooze out with. Help them a make cute pair of jellyfish at home using paper plates and strings. Use up googly-eyes for better and expressive looks.

  • Print Making Using Straws

Did you know you can use up the strings to stamp pretty prints anywhere you like: be it on a paper for a decorative wall-piece or on your kid’s tees.

  • Twig String Art Ornaments

You never knew twigs and strings could make up for cool and stylish ornaments, did you? Join twigs using twine and help your kids wrap strings around it to create a wonder-piece.

  • String Heart Cards

There is nothing more precious than hand-made cards. Help your kids make beautiful and swoon-worthy cards using strings to make a cute and adorable little heart over it.

  • The Holy Cross

Up for something religiously gorgeous? Then use up few nails, the unused wooden planks and sufficient strings. Help your kids crafts a beautiful red cross on the wooden base and hand it upon your room to glam it up.

  • String Art Star

There is no doubt, that kids love stargazing. Now you can help them craft an amazing star using straws and nails.

  • String Christmas Ornaments

Missed out on the Christmas shopping this year? Never mind, sit over with your kids to make some cutesy Christmas tree ornaments using red strings. Keep twining them to shapes of their choice and enjoy hanging personalized ornaments on your Christmas tree this year.

  • Flower String Arts

All you need for string flower arts is wood board, wire nails, yarn, scissors and pencils. Make beautiful flowers and hand them on the walls to prettify them.

  • Mason Jar String Art

Mason Jars string arts are insanely adorable. Collect enough strings to twine them into a mason jar and fix in faux flowers inside of it to create a perfect look.

  • String Wreath

Enough of the same old wreaths: time for something new. Use up strings to make beautiful wreath this Christmas and hand it up at your door or fix it up to invite complements.

Strings can add up wonders, if you can create well. Make more such string crafts with your kids and enjoy. You can view the gallery below for more such DIY string crafts for kids.

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