14+ Expressive DIY Crafts for Teens that Are Anything But ‘Unconventional’

Teenage kids nowadays are more into mobile phones and leafing through the pages of social media pages. You have tried putting them off from all of it but failed miserably. How about trying your ways with some out-of-the-ordinary DIY crafts for teens? These cool ideas would not only keep them busy and away from the useless technology junk, but would also help them to hone their creative skills.

Fail-Proof DIY Crafts for Teens that Would Keep Them Away from Gadgets

  • POM-POM Keychain

All you need to create this pretty thing is a pair of pliers to close the jump ring and to cut the chain. You can hang these pom-pom keychains to your handheld bags to bring about an exclusive look to it.

POM-POM Keychain

2) Instagram Coasters

If you are an Instagram addict, this craft is absolutely for you. Apply some mod-podge on the ceramic tiles and paste your favorite Instagram memory on it. Apply some mod-podge on top of the image to seal it on the place. Once it has dried off, spray some sealer and attach felt pads on the bottom of it.

Instagram Coasters

3) Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Mix different hues of paint with clay dough and roll them flat, thereafter cutting them out a circle using a big bowl. Now place the dough inside the bowl, enabling the middle portion to sink deep inside the bowl. Once you are done, bake the clay, cool it off and paint the edges with golden paint for a perfect finishing touch.

Marbled Clay Ring Dish

4) Duct Tape Bags

You can do lots more with duct tape than bracelets. You can a cool handbag by cutting equal sizes of duct tapes.

Duct Tape Bags

5) Crescent Moon Dream-catcher

Dream-catchers are ruling every girl’s mind and are all the rage now. The one clever trick to pro a crescent moon dream catcher is by cutting long pieces of string for the project.

Crescent Moon Dream-catcher

6) Emoji Pouches

Enough of Emoji pillows and stickers!It’s time for something new and innovative. Use ayellowcolor cloth to stitch cute little Emoji faces, and make a pouch at the back of them to carry your rubber-bands, beads, pendants, earrings and all things tiny.

Emoji Pouches

7) Elbow Patches

What better way to recreate your top into something chic and preppy, than by creating inventive DIY elbow patches and sewing them to your dresses and pullovers. From stars to hearts, you are free to make anything you want.

 Elbow Patches

8) Cork Succulents

Wonder what to do with all those wine corks? Holly out the cork, add in some mud and place few succulents in it to complete the game and create something fantastic.

Cork Succulents

9) Baseball String Bracelet

In case you don’t really know what to do with the leftover baseballs? Use X-acto knife and cut out the traced line from the ball to get the carefully done stitching out from it and turn them into a beautiful bracelet.

Baseball String Bracelet

10) Mugs So Good

Pump-up your coffee drinking experience with your sharpies. Once you are done drawing your favorite designs, you would have to bake it at 400 degrees, to seal it forever.

 Mugs So Good

11) Galaxy Print Tee

Inspired and love the Milky Way? Show it on your tee, by spraying your favorite black tee with somebleach and thereafter spraying proportionate amounts of metallic paint and water. You can also add on some planets and stars to make it more gorgeous.

Galaxy Print Tee

12) Jewelry Phone Covers

Amp-up your old-boring phone and let your creative juices overflow. Add on some jewels at the back using strong hot glue, and you are ready to flaunt it around amidst your group.

Jewelry Phone Covers

13) Flower Crowns

Got an outdoor party in the upcoming days? All you need is a handful of fresh flowers and florist’s tape to create a gorgeously stunning floral crown for yourself. Pair it with a white dress, and you are good to be a head-turner for the day.

DIY Crafts for teens

14) Custom Book covers

Give a new look to those old books and favorite novels lying at the library by gluing some patterned paper on it using a good glue. Be sure to remove the air bubble trapped inside, to give it a perfect look.

Custom Book covers

15) Glass Magnets

Punch your designs out and stick them on your glass gems, with the help of Mod-Podge. Attach a magnet on the back using glue.

Glass Magnets

Use these incredibly sweet ideas and enjoy. For these interestingDIY Crafts for teens, look into the gallery below.

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