10+ Easy DIY Crafts for Toddlers to Inspire their Creativity

There is nothing that boosts your toddler’s self-esteem and confidence more than crafts. Crafts help to ingrain positivity and good thoughts into your toddler’s brain and brush up their motor skills too. So, the next time your tiny tot smears the walls and papers with color dipped fingers, laud them and fill them with enthusiasm. After all, crafting and creating beautiful and innovative objects is much better than fidgeting with gadgets and mobile phones. In case, you are looking for creative DIY crafts for toddlers, here is some inspiration that might help you.

Inspirational and Amazingly Pretty DIY Crafts for Toddlers

  • Handprint Fall Tree Craft

One of the most hand-drawn objects in the world, trees is best to begin with; for the sense of Nature’s importance and beauty that it instills. Now time to ace-up the tree game and take it a notch higher, by using cotton swabs and paint.

  • Home-made Scented Play Dough

Inspire your little toddler’s motor skills and help entice their nose with this amazing homemade scented dough, which is totally squishy and soft and is fun to play with. Besides offering a good smell, you can even bring about a pop and vibrant color to it by adding some powdered drink.

  • Wooden Block Prints

Think twice before throwing the wooden blocks into your junkyard. Instead, you can dip them in different shades of color and thereafter hold them against a white sheet of paper to create something uniquely good and colorful.

  • Potato Stamps

Create innovative colored stamps of different shapes from potato. Cut the potato into shapes like alphabets, numbers, geometric patterns, etc. and give it to the baby. Let your toddler create a design. Use the potato to have fun with your toddler while he can learn about colors, shapes and alphabets etc. by creating interesting prints on a plain fabric or paper. The supplies you need include potato, paint, knife, plate, chopping board, fabric, or sketch paper.

  • Leaf Impression

One of the easiest of all tasks, leaf impressions is the best of all. Collect all the dried leaves from the garden and use some spray paint to create some beautiful leaf impressions on a white paper.

  • Sand Painting

Use your glue bottle and fill in colorful sand into it and mix them well with the glue inside and get going with your little one in spraying, aiming and creating new designs and patterns.

  • Paper Photo Frames

All you need is few beautiful colorful paper cut-outs to do this. Glue your favorite memory on the color paper cut-out and designs the sides accordingly. You can add stars; hearts and other shapes cut out from foam or crepe paper to the sides and make them unique.

  • Bubble Wrap Painting

Cut out bubble papers in the same size as of the paper and enjoy putting different colors on it, after you have pressed it firmly to a white paper.

  • Cloud Dough

Grab all the cupcake wrappers you have with you and fill in some dough and you can come up with interesting shapes and designs with it.

  • Bubble Prints

Bubble prints are real-fun and are quite extraordinary. Mix paints into colored dish-soap and encourage your kids to blow through the straws with the container at the base. Keep the paper against the container top and keep blowing until you have created beautiful bubble prints.

  • Comb Painted Rainbows

Ever wondered what to do with the old combs? Paint them rainbow and press it against the paper to create interesting shapes and designs.


Crafts are fun and ripping. Help your kids make some amazing DIY crafts over the weekend and enjoy the creativity. For more such DIY Crafts for Toddlers’, look into the gallery below.

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